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Great collection of the former Bexhill West Branch
Lott Hall(non-registered)

Thanks for the info on the Georgetown Loop and all the other great RR info you shared with us at the Depot. We made it in time for a ride and tour on the 5th. Great stuff and brought back childhood memories of riding the Shay in Robinsville, NC!

Great pics, BTW!

Lott and Tina
Fantastic photo's, brought back may memories,do you have any photos of the long foot tunnel that went from the Reginald road area over to dowlands road area,the tunnel is still there i think but bricked up.
Richard R. Ivins(non-registered)
Found the Article in the Tribune-Eagle that Jim Lynch sent to me some time ago. Thought I would follow-up and I found you web site. Look great, and a lot of work I'll wager. Have fun....
John W. Palmer(non-registered)
Great to see this piece of history being restored. I was very impressed with the work when I was able to get inside. Mike, you are doing a great thing here with this project and I look forward to helping however I can!
Ct S. of I.G.H. MN(non-registered)
The wind Farm refers to photo 14 of page 1. I think they're great but some people think they are a blight on the landscape. We have several in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa that arer getting bigger every time I see them. Again great photos, thank you for sharing.
Cy Svobodny, Inver Grove Heights, MN(non-registered)
Fantastic shots . Looks like we see Wind Farms all over the country now
David Markwick(non-registered)
Nice to see all that nice work Mike, I remember you and I in the early years (1986/7) on the Hastings Units, the woodwork on them was simplier, but they were good times ( some late nights I recall)
Keep up the good work Mike
Jim Burrill(non-registered)
Hello Mike, it's neat to see your progress on the car. Rick Braunschweig mentioned you to me a couple of weeks ago and we're looking forward to seeing your future work. Good luck!
Sarah Merrill(non-registered)
Yippee! I get to be the first to sign the guestbook on the new page! Well done on the new site, and on the progress on the car. Things are looking beautiful:)
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