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Ray Kinsella(non-registered)
Mike, you've done a mighty job on this subject. All the more as it is being editted from the USA!

well done.
ron robinson(non-registered)
terrible shame to see so much rubble.Superb picci,sP/Pulls 32;653;660;661;716on my layout along with scratchbuilt 481/482 from the Westerham branch.Push pull fitted H class 31239 and 31162 in attendance.
Stuart Grant(non-registered)
I have just looked at all of this series, and I just cant believe we in this once great country ever stood for short sighted fools like Beeching. Some very good pictures Mike but a very sad subject.
Stuart-West London.
P. Reynolds(non-registered)
Lovely pictures and memories. I remember the station and viaduct when I was a teenager. I am sure there was a low bridge on the A259 that required the bus to go into town to avoid it. I have never seen a picture of it. My early 60's map shows it. I have a vague memory of it disappearing in 1965.
Fantastic photos. glad to see such an important part of bexhills history being preserved.
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